Service contracts

For your satisfaction in the long run

Your satisfaction is what counts most for us, not only at the time you buy. For this reason, we provide an after-sales service that meets your expectations.

Inspection and maintenance

Whatever high pressure cleaning equipment you use, we offer complete inspection services tailored to your needs. We make sure everything runs smoothly through regular maintenance, monthly or quarterly. Among other things, we do oil changes and equipment tune-ups.

Replacement parts and warranties

We’ll notify you of any parts that need replacement. As a result, parts are changed at your convenience and in a timely manner, so your equipment is optimized from A to Z. We also honour the manufacturer’s warranty in full.

Helpful advice on using equipment

The performance of a high pressure washer depends on how effectively it’s used. We therefore train you in the correct ways to use each piece of equipment. For optimal cleaning results, we recommend the best detergents.