Hydro Vacuum RZV10E1

8 gpm - 20 mic - 40 gallons

RZV10E1 vacuum recovery has the same features as the AZV55 but the vacuum and pump out are both 120 volts
RZV can also be installed on your existing truck or trailer
Includes a 35’ power cord with ground fault interrupter that can be plugged into a standard 120v wall outlet or a 3500 watt generator may be used for portability
May not be powered by SC or SCU Hydro Tek Series 2900 watt generator, use AZV55
Vacuum recovery may be inhibited if mounted higher that 30” from ground level

Sku number : 14179

Flow rate 8,0 gpm
Micron polishing 20 mic
Cardridge filter 64 m2
Clarifier tank 40 gallon
Voltage 120 v
Amps 11 amp