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X8 Belt Driven High Pressure Pump

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• The X8 belt driven triplex ceramic plunger pump offers smooth vibration free performance
Precision polished ceramic plungers with stainless steel interchangeable valves
Bronze manifold with stainless steel and brass wetted parts
• Large bronze connecting rods for superior strength and long life
Diecast aluminum crankcase with oversize ball bearings
• Double extended crankshaft can be driven on either side
• Internally ported self lubricating seals
• Oil drain valve with extension hose for easy oil changes
Affordable replacement parts guarantee long lasting, cost efficient operation
All X8 pumps are supplied with glycerine filled pressure gauge, adjustable pressure regulating valve, pulley and mounting rails

Sku number : 11822

Flow rate 2,70 gpm
Operating pressure LB / PO2 1 000 psi
Power 1,5 hp
Maximum pump speed 600 rpm
Shaft N/A
Weight 20 lbs