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General Pump

HWB2512 - 2 175 psi - 8,60 gpm

Forged brass manifold for strenght and durability
Cast aluminum body is anodized for corrosion and durability
Unique inlet design minimizes risk of cavitation
Unitized valves ensure reliability and ease of maintenance
Valve surfaces are machined for maximum efficiency
Built-in pressure tapping unloader
Solid ceramic plungers for long life
One-piece plunger guides guarantee perfect alignment and long life
Double seal prevents hydraulic oil leaks
Hydraulically actuated plunger eliminated bearings load in synchro unit
Oversized hydraulic ports for maximum efficiency
Weight : 8 Kg
  Dimensions : 270 mm  x 121 mm x 125 mm

Sku number : 99999-HWB2512

Max. inlet oil pressure 3 625 psi
Pressure ratio factor 0,6
Max. discharge pressure 2 175 psi
Max. inlet oil capacity 6,6 gpm
Flow ratio factor 1,3
Max. discharge flow 8,6 gpm