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2351B-P - 3 000 psi - 4,00 gpm

Hypro's Powerline PLUS pumps with "cartridge technology"
Allows you to easily perform preventive maintenance on the crankcase oil seals and wet end oil seals by removing only the pump head
To make the whole operation easier, the Power Plus pumps are designed to be serviced with three basic tools, a standard screw driver, an allen wrench, and pliers
Patent pending plunger guide cartridge improves guiding surface, allows oil seal to be serviced by removing only the head, and aligns plunger with oil seal, packing glands, and head for straighter and smoother operation
Lubrication : fill crankcase with SAE 30 weight oil per pump specifications. Change oil after every 500 hours of operation

Sku number : 23097

Flow rate 4,00 gpm
Operating pressure LB / PO2 3 000 psi
Power 8,5 bhp
Power 11,0 ghp
Maximum pump speed 1 725 rpm
Shaft 3/4"
Weight 13 lbs