Pumps / AR North America / Triplex plunger pumps - gas flange / RKV35G30AD - 3 000 psi - 3,50 gpm

AR North America

RKV35G30AD - 3 000 psi - 3,50 gpm

Manifold : High strength forged brass for long term use 
• Bolts : Eight 8mm grade 8.8
Plungers : A special thick ceramic for long life, strong durability, and more resilience
Crankcase : Precision die cast, large cooling fins, and anodized for maximum heat dissipation. Sight glass, fill and side and bottom drain plugs
Bearings : Oversized tapered roller bearing for maximum life and load disbursement
Bearing Support : Precision die cast and machined to assure concentricity and alignment
Valves, Seats, and Springs : Stainless steel with specially designed Ultra Form cages to provide long life and positive seating
Seals and V-packing : Continuously lubricating for extended life
Plunger Rods : Stainless steel construction for strength, no plating to scrape off, back up and oring plunger sealing system
Connecting rods : One piece special alloy aluminum for higher pressure, oversized for maximum strength, load disbursement, and long life

Sku number : 22231

Flow rate 3,5 gpm
Operating pressure LB / PO2 3 000 psi
Power 9,5 ghp
Maximum pump speed 3 400 rpm
Shaft 1"
Weight 21 lbs
Flange F24