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AR North America

SJV3G27D - 2 700 psi - 3,00 gpm

• High strength forged brass manifold for long term use 
• Three 10mm grade 8.8 bolts
• Ceramic coated stainless steel pistons for longer life in harsh environments
• Angular contact ball bearings stabilizes the crankshaft and one thrust needle bearing absorbs the plunger load and assure long radial plate life. All are made of heat treated steel for extended life
• Stainless steel valves, seats, and springs with specially designed ultra form cages to provide extra long life and positive seating
• Continuously lubricating seals and v-packings for extended life
• Built-in unloader to optimize performance while reducing setup time. Integral trap pressure, fixed or adjustable chemical injector
SPECIAL NOTE : Use synthetic oil only. (part#6601). DO NOT change oil. Use oil only to add if low. This oil is specially formulated synthetic oil with special additives for the demands of the XJ pump series. No other oil is factory approved for this pump, and could result in pump failure.

Sku number : 23822

Flow rate 3,0 gpm
Operating pressure LB / PO2 2 700 psi
Power 6,5 hp
Maximum pump speed 3 400 rpm
Shaft 3/4"
Weight 11 lbs