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Wayne combustion syst.

12 volt burner MSR-DC

12 volt solid state ignitor
3450 rpm fuel pump
 0,5 to 2,75 gph capacity with oil valve
Flamelock results in improved efficiency and lower emissions
 Low nozzle temperatures
Controlled flame pattern

Sku number : 26498

Capacity 0,5 to 2,75 gph
Fuel pump 3450 rpm
Motor 12 VDC
Ignitor 12 VDC
Controls Ignitor drop-out timer available
Oil valve No delay, 24VAC / 12VDC, 6 amp, fuel pump mounted
Fan housing One piece, die cast aluminum
Mounting Adjustable or fixed mounting flange
Air adjustment Patented multiple air adjusting bands interlock po
Air tube Heavy duty 13 gauge seamless material