Nozzles / Suttner - Rotary / 3 600 psi / ST-357 #3.5 Turbo nozzle


ST-357 #3.5 Turbo nozzle

Designed to clean with the impact of a zero degree flat spray nozzle with the pattern of a 25 degree nozzle
Rotating nozzles will cut your cleaning time in half
With a rotating nozzle, you can perform the following quickly : rust removal, tank cleaning, paint and graffiti removal, brick cleaning, concrete, gum from sidewalks, boat cleaning and barnacle removal, asbestos abatement, cleaning crab and lobster pots, fish nets and removing mud and clay from highways
Rotating nozzle should nozzles should be started with the nozzle pointing to the ground
This prevents damage to the ceramic orifice
It is highly recommended a high pressure filter be used with each nozzle
Not using a filter could void any warranty
Eye protection must be worn while using a rotating nozzle
Do not point directly at any person or animals

Sku number : 22351