Hydro Tek

ANTV5 - 4 000 psi - 5,5 gpm

• Use with your existing pressure washer and vacuum system
• Up to 4000 psi
• Up to 6 gpm
Cold - 200°F
•  Adjustable casters height
Stainless steel deck and handle
Large 30” inch deck with 24.5” cleaning path
• Accomplish 3 tasks all at once : Wash - Rinse - Recover the dirty water
Large 24.5” cleaning path allows for cleaning over 20,000 sq. ft. per hour
Stainless Steel deck and handle will not rust or corrode
New Vac Tube design allows for double the pickup hose to be attached – use with 100’ when hooking up to a Hydro Vac system (click here for Hydro Vac info)
Easily adjust the height of the casters to fit the surface you need to clean
Hook up to a hot water pressure washer to clean even faster by cutting through grease and grime

* The picture is for illustration only. Some components may not be included. Please inquire.

Sku number : 29466

Operating pressure LB / PO2 4 000 psi
Flow rate 5,5 gpm