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Hydro Tek

ANT25 - 4 000 psi to 4 gpm max.

Increased nozzle arm clearance
Handle can be fixed or left in a full range motion
For use with max 4 000psi, 4 gpm power washer
• Cleaning and cover more area 18,000 sq.ft/hour
These 24” Hydro Twisters are ideal for pressure washers with lower flow
High Productivity : Cleans up to 10 times faster than an operator with a handheld wand
• Large, airless rear tires, hoop handle, adjustable pressure
* The picture is for illustration only. Some components may not be included. Please inquire.

Sku number : 99999-ANT25

Operating pressure LB / PO2 4 000 psi
Flow rate 3-6 gpm