Lances / Dual lances / Zinc plated steel / 72" Dual lance "deluxified" ZZDBL zinc plated steel

General Pump

72" Dual lance "deluxified" ZZDBL zinc plated steel

• Equipped with a quick connect plug on the inlet
• Quick connect socket on the high pressure discharge pipe
• Brass soap nozzle is attached to the low pressure discharge pipe
• Provides a convenient method of operating a downstream chemical injection system by turning the insulated adjustment handle
• Designed for hot or cold water systems
• Features a round reinforced polymer insulator mounted to 1/4" zinc plated steel pipe for comfort and durability

Sku number : 22495

Operating pressure LB / PO2 3 000 psi maximum
Flow rate 10,5 gpm maximum
Length 2 x 72"
High pressure tubing 1/4"MPT
Temperature 284°F maximum
Frame Zinc plated steel