Hannay Reels


Rewind reels with manual / electric / hydraulic / compressed air single hose
400 amp rated rotary electrical device
Instant use with any cable length unwound
For use with single conductor electrode cable or grounding lead
Quick connection to your welder
4-way roller assembly. Roller position must be specified
WCR : Gear driven crank rewind, chain & sprocket powered by an electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor or spring rewind. Auxiliary rewind and Pinion brake standard
SWCR : Non sparking ratchet assembly. Declutching arbor is provided to prevent damage from reverse winding. A cable stop should be used

Sku number : 99999-SWCR716-25-26-15.5A

Gauge/#conductors: #2 ; 0,500'' outside dia. N/A
Gauge/#conductors: #1 ; 0,580'' outside dia. N/A
Gauge/#conductors: 1/0 ; 0,620'' outside dia. 100' cable capacity
Gauge/#conductors: 2/0 ; 0,670'' outside dia. N/A
Gauge/#conductors: 3/0 ; 0,720'' outside dia. N/A
Gauge/#conductors: 4/0 ; 0,810'' outside dia. N/A