Hannay Reels


Rewind reels automatic single hose
Heavy-duty spring motor
Non sparking ratchet
Declutching arbor
Contact us for constant tension applications
3-conductor 45 amp 600 volt collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring
Double brushes per circuit. Brushes are copper graphite with copper alloy rings
Additional conductors or higher amperage (up to 300 amps) available, contact us
Silver collector available
Supplied with a 4-way roller assembly. Roller position must be specified
A cable stop should be used
For vertical lift, stretch and/or crane installation, contact us for proper spring specifications

Sku number : 99999-NSCR716-23-24G

Gauge/#conductors: 14/3 ; 0,530'' outside dia. 100' cable capacity
Gauge/#conductors: 12/3 ; 0,600'' outside dia. 100' cable capacity
Gauge/#conductors: 10/3 ; 0,690'' outside dia. N/A
Gauge/# conductors: 8/3 ; 0,750'' outside dia. N/A