Hannay Reels


Rewind reels with manual / hydraulic / compressed air dual hose
MX chain drive crank rewind or powered by a compressed air or hydraulic motor
MX rewind reels supplied with a Pinion brake
Power reels not supplied with a brake
Standard inlets 90° ball bearing swivel joints with 1/2" female NPT threads
Standard outlets are male 9/16"-18 threads. Right hand for oxygen, left hand for gas
Rollers may be purchased. Specify roller position (mounting brackets are necessary)
Pressures to 300 psi (21 bar)
Temperatures from -40°F to +200°F (-40°C to +93°C)
Type of gas used MUST be specified

Sku number : 99999-MX2416-17-18

Operating pressure LB / PO2 300 psi
1/4'' inside dia. ; 0,53'' outside dia. 2 x 150' hose capacity
3/8'' inside dia. ; 0,66'' outside dia. 2 x 100' hose capacity