Hannay Reels


Manual rewind reels
A slotted divider disc within the reel spool 
Communication, broadcast, and pro-audio applications
Rugged steel frame and aluminum spool construction
Black, non-reflective matte finish
Slotted divider disc provides 2" wide space for storage of short cable
Frame clips allow stacking of reels
Ergonomic carrying handle
Adjustable Cam-lock drag brake locks cable in place

Sku number : 99999-AVD-1

0,25'' outside diameter 500' cable capacity
0,32'' outside diameter 325' cable capacity
0,38'' outside diameter 200' cable capacity
0,41'' outside diameter 175' cable capacity
0,45'' outside diameter 125' cable capacity
0,49'' outside diameter 100' cable capacity
0,58'' outside diameter N/A
0,67'' outside diameter N/A