Hannay Reels


Manual rewind reels
Broadcast and pro-audio applications
Rugged steel and aluminum construction throughout
Square tubing frame
Black, non-reflective matte finish
Removable side panel (blank panel is supplied as standard)
Ergonomic carrying handles
Adjustable Cam-lock drag brake
The reels are stackable and have side mounted connector panels
Features optional heavy-duty casters
Standard strain relief inside panel compartment
Frame clips allow stacking
Features optional heavy-duty, locking caster wheels (set includes 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters)

Sku number : 14019

0,25'' outside diameter 600' cable capacity
0,32'' outside diameter 350' cable capacity
0,38'' outside diameter 225' cable capacity
0,41'' outside diameter 200' cable capacity
0,45'' outside diameter 150' cable capacity
0,49'' outside diameter 125' cable capacity
0,58'' outside diameter N/A
0,67'' outside diameter N/A