Guns / Steam guns / 58" long with barrel & grip - 1 500 psi

Steam Gun Walters

58" long with barrel & grip - 1 500 psi

• Walters cleaning opens guns are unique, easy to hold, and balanced for minimum effort use
• Easy-squeeze trigger lever opens the gun valve smoothly, even under higher pressure conditions
• Designed to with-stand severe service, the lever control gun mechanism is built from heavy bronze castings and stainless steel swivel parts
• The design allows easy rebuilding and repair, using inexpensive replacement parts
• Handles are plated with a heavy coating of zinc to resist rusting
• Teflon packings and viton "o" rings resist heat and chemicals to insure long life

Sku number : 21847

Operating pressure LB / PO2 1 500 psi
Flow rate N/A
Inlet 1/2"FPT
Outlet 3/8"FPT
Temperature 350°F maximum
Color Silver