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Deodorizer Odor Control (Citrus)

MPSI-7001 can be used in rooms, halls, corridors, meeting rooms, closets, showers, washrooms, storage areas, air vents, air ducts, filters, air conditioners, below sinks and behind toilet bowls. Animal sheds & cage. Paper, ink, plastic, tire and leather goods, manufacturing areas. After a fire or smoke propagation, garbage compacting units, cans & temporary storage or disposal areas.

Sku number : MPSI-7001

Format 1 liter No
Format 4 liters MPSI-7001-2
Format 20 liters MPSI-7001-3
Format 55 liters No
Format 205 liters No
Format 1000 liters No
Format 10 kg No
Format 20 kg No