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Ecological Detergent Based Organic Acid

MPSI-9001 is a safe product for the environment, based on organic acid, specifically formulated to easily remove lime deposits, scale, minerals, soot, rust, lime, inorganic and biological deposits such as algae and the mushrooms.
The MPSI-9001 replaces hazardous alternatives, corrosive and toxic hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric,
phosphoric, sulfuric, nitric, sulphamiques. Formulated with corrosion inhibitors for added protection of the metal parts during cleaning.

Sku number : MPSI-9001

Format 1 liter MPSI-9001-1
Format 4 liters MPSI-9001-2
Format 20 liters MPSI-9001-3
Format 55 liters No
Format 205 liters No
Format 1000 liters No
Format 10 kg No
Format 20 kg No